Stagelight invests in Robe's BMFL moving lights
post time: 2019-7-23  /  views: 981

The Netherlands - Stagelight is a leading Dutch technical production and rental company headed by the charismatic Jacco van der Heijden, and one of a growing number of Dutch companies investing in Robe's BMFL moving lights.

Walking into Stagelight's substantial HQ in Den Bosch is like entering the portals of some funky nightclub or restaurant destination, surrounded by gleaming metal reclaimed brick and restored wood surfaces, full of interesting proto-industrial shapes and objects, and optimised to allow natural light to flood into its rooms and workshops.
Jacco - who founded the company in 1987 - believes that a 'visual experience' should permeate all areas of working and living environments and so considerable thought went into designing a cool inspirational space where his team spend their office or warehouse time.
Stagelight first started buying Robe products in 2011 with a purchase of LEDWash 300s and it now has over 150 Robe units available for its busy schedule which services a multiplicity of live events including many bands and music shows.
These were supplied by Controllux, Robe's Benelux distributor, a company with which Jacco has been doing business since he started 28 years ago!
In addition to the 24 new BMFLs and the original LEDWash 300s, Stagelight has LEDBeam 100s and also Pointes- added last year - in the inventory.
The company works in all areas of professional entertainment and has been providing lighting and audio solutions increasingly to larger events over the last five years, so Jacco wanted to invest in a moving light brand that was diverse, flexible and reliable, enabling Stagelight to offer its clients the very best technical and creative solutions.
Having become an Adamson Audio partner a few years ago, he was also keen to align himself with a premium moving light brand.
When they started as an Adamson agency, it created a huge buzz in the Netherlands, and Jacco - never one for convention - wanted to do the same again by buying the Robe BMFLs.
Well known and respected throughout the Benelux region, Stagelight is currently growing in its international scope. As a technical partner and supplier for artists like New York singer-/songwriter Matt Simons they are starting to work regularly in other areas of Europe. The new BMFLs and the other Robe lights are all part of the medium term master-plan.